Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully, as any action you take on this website automatically implies your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Of course, you have the freedom of choice, if you do not agree with any of the terms/rules, you may not use any of the services and/or features offered on the website. Detailed information about the website, its administration and your rights and obligations can be found below.

Parties to the Terms and Conditions Agreement:

We – website/website administration/website owner – Indmetsatreme “A.L” (S/C 01005038071), hereinafter referred to as “”, “service provider/supplier”, “website”, “web Page Administration", "Service Provider" and "Platform". is the property of entrepreneur "A.L."

You are a natural person or a legal entity who has access to this web page by any technical means. Hereinafter referred to as "User", "Customer", "Service Recipient" and "Client".

The user can be a customer of the service, after he passes the authorization/registration on the web page. Only the registered user has the right to use the services of the web page, which implies a simplified way of purchasing the products posted on the web page.

The user of the web page can be a person connected to the web page by a service contract, who carries out his business activities through the platform provided on the web page. Such a person can only be an entrepreneurial entity / company (natural person/legal entity) certified in accordance with all the requirements established by the legislation of Georgia (certificate of compliance) and equipped with authority.


These terms and conditions regulate the use of the services provided on the website and determine its legal scope. The use of this web page automatically implies that and the user have entered into this contract/agreement, which has legal force.
Any issue related to the relationship between the web page and its user is regulated by the laws of Georgia, regardless of the direct location of the user and/or from which location the order, payment, delivery and/or access to the web page was made.
It should be noted that no matter what technical means the user accesses the web page, any action taken by him will be considered within the framework of these terms and conditions. is a platform from which entrepreneur "A.L" sells his own products, namely gift photo tapes has the exclusive authority to unilaterally change the prices/quantities of the products on its website, cancel and/or add any product/information, the present terms and conditions and any other website-affiliated matter without providing additional/prior information to the user. Of course, any terms and conditions will only be effective after they are published publicly and when any customer has the opportunity to familiarize themselves with them before placing an order.
Services offered by

The products posted on the web page meet the requirements established by the legislation of Georgia, are certified and allowed for sale.

The customer registered on the web page orders the desired product(s) from the products posted by the supplier, in the desired quantity, and the supplier ensures the delivery of the product(s) ordered by the customer. The product will be delivered to the customer by couriers.

placing an order

To place an order, the user must be registered on the website. The user selects the desired product and places the order. The basis for order implementation and delivery is the customer's transfer of the corresponding value according to the order to the supplier's bank account.

The customer is obliged to specify the desired product(s), its quantity and the information required for receiving/handover of the product(s) accurately and flawlessly when placing the order. The customer must be able to receive calls on the phone number specified by the customer in the order, otherwise the delivery may be canceled. offers the following ways to its customers, in case they mistakenly placed an order:

If the customer indicated the delivery location of the order by mistake, the customer is obliged to specify the address no later than 1 hour after placing the order.

In the event that the customer made a mistake in placing the order (meaning the selection of the product(s) and their quantity), he is obliged, immediately, but no later than within 1 hour after placing the order, to inform the supplier about the mistake made and clarify his order.

*The above conditions do not apply when using the fast delivery service in Tbilisi.

Please note that notwithstanding the above, any type of error/negligence/negligence (and not limited to) committed by the customer shall be the responsibility of the customer.

The customer has the right to cancel the order, only if no more than 1 hour has passed since the order was placed. The fee for the order canceled within the mentioned time will be returned to the customer within 3 (three) days after the cancellation of the order.

*The customer does not have the right to use the rules specified above and cancel the order placed with the fast delivery service.

We take into account the rights of users, possible errors and accordingly establish a policy of a win-win solution for such issues.

*Therefore, please note that is not obliged to reimburse the customer for the product(s) and the delivery service fee in case of an order canceled in violation of the rules contained herein.

Terms of delivery

The order is delivered to the address specified by the customer, within the time frame required for delivery. The order is delivered throughout Tbilisi, within one to three days of the order, and in regions and other cities through Georgian Post within 3-5 days.

The customer is obliged to indicate in the order a contact number/data that can be accessed without restriction, at least until the order is delivered. Also, he is obliged to specify in the order the address where he is actually present until he receives and takes over the order. In exceptional cases, the customer has the obligation to inform the supplier in a timely and reasonable time about any changes, so as not to prevent him from properly/honestly implementing the order delivery service. If the order's delivery address is changed at a time when the courier has already gone to the recipient's address, which was known to him before the change, the customer is obliged to pay the courier service fee.

If the customer has incorrectly/incompletely indicated the address and/or any of the delivery conditions, the supplier is not responsible for the failure to deliver such a package. In such event, the product(s) will be returned to the point of issue.

If the customer wants to receive the product(s) again, because the delivery address, contact information and/or delivery address, contact information, and/or the customer was not present at the courier's arrival, despite the courier's warning to the customer, he/she shall pay only the delivery fee. the established fee. The customer can also contact the supplier through the contact information on the website and collect the product(s) themselves from their point of issue, if available. The supplier will not take any action until the customer himself contacts and specifies the delivery address, data and/or chooses the method of receiving the product manually. In such cases, when the non-delivery is not due to the fault of the supplier, the price of the product is not returned, and the customer can withdraw/receive the product at his will and through the proposed methods, according to the rules and conditions established here. If the customer does not pick up/receive the purchased product within 1 (one) month after the order, after the expiration of the said period, the product is considered the property of the supplier.

The information posted on the web page is constantly updated to create maximum comfort for the user. However, if in exceptional cases due to a technical fault and/or other circumstances it is impossible to deliver the products specified in the order despite the order confirmation, will contact you within 2 hours after the order confirmation and will try to offer you the best alternative and/or refund the order fee (within the limits the product cannot be delivered).

Terms of settlement

During registration, the user fills in the required fields, which involves linking his bank account, so that the user can place the order and make the necessary purchase for it.

The registered/authorized user selects the desired product from his account and follows the necessary instructions for purchase according to the rules of the website. To place the order, choose the desired bank service for paying the order fee, and enter the card data, through which the corresponding transaction will be carried out on the account. Accordingly, uses the services of a third party, that is, a payment provider, in order to make your payment. From the moment the amount is reflected on's account, will start preparing the products to be delivered to the addressee!

In the cases specified in these terms and conditions, when the supplier must return the order amount to the customer, such a statement from the supplier will be made only on the bank data from which the payment of the service fee was made and/or indicated on the registered profile at the time of placing the order.

Rights and obligations of the parties / supplier is ready:

deliver to the customer/customer the products specified in the order, by the delivery method chosen by the customer and within the time limit, at the address specified in the order;
to provide the customer with products of the agreed quality;
provide information to the customer about the status of his order;
to ensure proper user access to the web page, except for unforeseen/uncontrollable exceptional cases;
to reimburse the customer for the order not delivered due to his fault;
The user is ready to:

control and protect your account from third parties and its illegal use;
to provide the website with only true and correct information about his/her person and not to allow falsification of data;
have permanent access to the contact information you provide when creating your profile; Otherwise, will not be responsible for non-acceptance of the information shared with it on such contact link and it will be considered that the customer has been provided and notified of any such information sent/supplied;
Not to misuse any information posted on the web page and/or for commercial purposes.
Not to access any kind of system/device, the purpose of which is to obtain confidential information protected on the web page.
take the responsibility himself if he prevented the supplier from providing the service properly;
Responsibility of the parties and its team will constantly try to ensure the smooth operation of the website and create the best practices for using the online store. It should be noted that is not responsible for direct/indirect damage caused to a person by careless/negligent action. The website and its team are not responsible for any kind of damage caused by the use of the website, which is not causally related to the direct action of the supplier, whether it is technical interruption, cancellation/suspension of certain transactions, cyber security limitation, computer virus, impact of third parties, interference of uncontrollable force/ impact and/or other type of system failure.

The user is responsible for the transactions and any kind of damages arising from the management of his/her account/profile. The user is obliged not to make his account/profile accessible to third parties, because in this case he bears full responsibility for such damage. cannot be held responsible for events beyond its control, whether technically, morally, materially, factually or legally. is only liable for intentional damage and gross negligence arising from and directly causally related to its actions. Damages may be imposed on the supplier to the extent that it should have performed the service to a particular customer and failed/failed to perform the service, depending on the specific order (if any).

Registration on the web page can be done only by persons of legal age defined by the legislation of Georgia. It is not allowed to purchase products without registration/authorization, which guarantees that the legal compliance of buyers with the ordered products is controlled. A natural person, by registration/authentication, confirms that he is an adult according to the legislation of Georgia. In cases where the website is beyond the control and the order is actually made by a minor, about whom the website does not have information, because the order is actually made in compliance with all the rules, the responsibility will be borne by the owner of the account/profile from whose profile the order was placed. is not responsible for such and other uncontrolled cases. is not responsible for non-delivery of products within the delivery time under force majeure circumstances and/or delay in service implementation due to third parties and/or any force/impact. Force majeure is considered to be all the relevant circumstances stipulated by the legislation of Georgia, a situation that is caused by an irresistible force and cannot be avoided (any natural event, strikes, wars, administrative acts, circumstances impeding the provision of services directly due to the pandemic situation, etc.). is not responsible for direct/indirect damage caused by the use/non-use of any information posted on the web page, when such use/non-use does not serve the main purpose of the web page's operation and existence of information.

No returns of purchased products are permitted, except in exceptional cases expressly and precisely described in these terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy adheres to the terms of confidentiality and makes every effort not to disclose any confidential/personal information used/provided during user account registration. Our responsibility is excluded if the disclosure of such information is not related to this website and/or is not due to the fault of Information disclosed publicly in any other way and/or by the will of the user cannot be considered confidential.

It should be noted here that the website uses the so-called "Cookies" (a short text file stored in a web browser) and web beacons that may collect your personal data. It should be emphasized that the processing of the above-mentioned and other analytical information using the website serves only the purpose of simplifying, improving and efficiently working of the website. You, as in other cases indicated above, have the freedom to choose not to use this website in order to prevent the collection and targeted processing of information. By registering/authorizing and/or simply using this page, you agree to its use.

Personal data protection policy

Personal data is any information that identifies or can be identified a natural person. The personal data protection policy given here serves the purpose that the user has as much information as possible about the purpose and in what way his personal data may be processed. declares that the personal data of the users will be processed only to perform the services provided by the website and to provide related issues. The processing of personal data may include the collection, processing, storage, protection, use of information for a specific purpose depending on the service and transfer to third parties affiliated with the website for the same purpose (for example, delivery to the courier to deliver the order to the address you specified and contact you through the contact information specified by you) etc.).

When registering on the website, the user fills in the form and submits his personal data in order to use the services of the website. It should be emphasized that due to the main purpose of, it is necessary to process such information of the user in order to avoid non-implementation of services and/or illegal actions. Your information is used to verify your legal age and is required for the smooth delivery of your order.

When registering/authorizing on the website, the user voluntarily provides his personal data to and declares his consent to the collection and processing of his personal data. The user has the right to refuse the disclosure of his personal data and not to use this website. It is not allowed to receive services without personal data, because it will not be possible to identify the authority of a person to receive similar services. Also, it is not allowed for the user to provide wrong information and/or falsify it in any way.

It is also worth noting that the web page remains the information about the transactions made by you, which is not accessible to third parties. Please also note that your use of the website may provide with your analytical information, which is required only for service improvement.

Your registration on the website automatically implies consent to the use, processing and collection of your personal and analytical data. You have the right to refuse and not use the service offered by us. takes all measures to protect your security and not misuse your confidential, personal information/data.

Intellectual property

Any material/information posted on this website (audio, video, recording, sketch, photo, content, certain material design, logo, music, advertising/marketing material, etc.) posted by the website administration is's intellectual property. property and it is not allowed to interfere with them in any way.

And, the responsibility for the results of any material/information (audio, video, recording, sketch, photo) distributed/uploaded from the account registered on the web page belongs to the owner of the authorized account/registered person. It is not allowed to use someone else's intellectual property and thereby violate the owner's rights. Upon detection of such a case, will take measures and will unilaterally decide to delete/block such type of material, in case the account owner does not take the necessary measures himself. cannot control every case and the scope of ownership of their rights and information, but declares its willingness to act against plagiarism in such cases when it becomes known and confirmed.

Administration of the web page in the event that any information/material that is immoral, violates/restricts the rights of a third person/circle of persons and/or is unacceptable for any other reason to be distributed in the public space and/or specifically on the mentioned web page, has been disseminated from any authorized/registered account, such Account manager/owner is responsible for the action. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate the account and restrict access to the Service, whose conduct is in bad faith and violates the terms and conditions herein.

Additional Terms

Any dispute between the parties related to this Agreement shall be resolved through negotiation. If an agreement is not reached as a result of negotiations between the parties, the dispute will be resolved by the laws of Georgia, regardless of the origin, location, territoriality, service receipt, settlement and other key issues of the parties.

Any correspondence regarding any matter of this Agreement and the Services shall be binding. Any correspondence may be done electronically/physically, via website, email and/or social media and/or post. Confirming records of said communication are kept by the executor, which is addressed to the parties about possible future circumstances.

The term of validity of the agreement between the parties is defined as the period during which the person is registered/authorized on the website. The cancellation of the profile by and/or the user implies the termination of the contract between the parties.

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